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Appears 9 times in the Quran.

  1. And they say: Why does he not bring to us a sign from his Lord? Has not there come to them a clear evidence of what is m the previous books?

  2. There shall be sent round to them golden bowls and drinking-cups and therein shall be what their souls yearn after and (wherein) the eyes shall delight, and you shall abide therein.

  3. Or, has he not been informed of what is in the scriptures of Musa?

  4. Nay; every one of them desires that he may be given pages spread out;

  5. In honored books,

  6. And when the books are spread,

  7. Most surely this is in the earlier scriptures,

  8. The scriptures of Ibrahim and Musa.

  9. An messenger from Allah, reciting pure pages,