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Welcome to Open Islam!
Open Islam is an online utility for studying Quranic words and their roots, as well as keeping notes on your thoughts about certain ayahs of the Quran. There are three main sections you can access from the navigation at the top of the site:

In the browse section, you first select a surah to read. As you are reading, you can click on any word to see other instances of that word in the Quran, or to find the root of that word. You can also click the "label" button to add a personal label or category to this ayah, or you can click the "notes" button to add a personal note to this ayah. If these buttons do not appear for you, it means you need to sign in, which you can do by clicking "Sign In" or "Register" on the far right of any page.
In this section, you will get a list of root words whose derivations appear in the Quran. You can click on any root to see a list of words derived from that root. Then, you can click any word to see where it appears in the Quran.
Here you can view and edit all of the notes you have taken in iQuran, as well as all of the labels for your notes and ayahs.

Resources and Thanks

The Quranic Arabic Corpus
This site uses the Quranic Arabic Corpus provided by corpus.quran.com for a word-by-word breakdown, as well as categorization of words into roots, forms, etc.
This site uses the Arabic Quranic script as well as translations from Tanzil.net.