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Appears 5 times in the Quran.

  1. And they both hastened to the door, and she rent his shirt from behind and they met her husband at the door. She said: What is the punishment of him who intends evil to your wife except imprisonment or a painful chastisement?

  2. He said: She sought to make me yield (to her); and a witness of her own family bore witness: If his shirt is rent from front, she speaks the truth and he is one of the liars:

  3. And if his shirt is rent from behind, she tells a lie and he is one of the truthful.

  4. So when he saw his shirt rent from behind, he said: Surely it is a guile of you women; surely your guile is great:

  5. And that some of us are good and others of us are below that: we are sects following different ways: