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Appears 6 times in the Quran.

  1. Alms are only for the poor and the needy, and the officials (appointed) over them, and those whose hearts are made to incline (to truth) and the (ransoming of) captives and those in debts and in the way of Allah and the wayfarer; an ordinance from Allah; and Allah is knowing, Wise.

  2. And of the dwellers of the desert are those who take what they spend to be a fine, and they wait (the befalling of) calamities to you; on them (will be) the evil calamity; and Allah is Hearing, Knowing.

  3. And they who say: O our Lord! turn away from us the punishment of hell, surely the punishment thereof is a lasting

  4. Or do you ask them for a reward, so that they are overburdened by a debt?

  5. Surely we are burdened with debt:

  6. Or do you ask from them a reward, so that they are burdened with debt?