Appears 13 times in the Quran. (Root: كيد)
  1. Those who believe fight in the way of Allah, and those who disbelieve fight in the way of the Shaitan. Fight therefore against the friends of the Shaitan; surely the strategy of the Shaitan is weak.

  2. This, and that Allah is the weakener of the struggle of the unbelievers.

  3. He said: O my son! do not relate your vision to your brothers, lest they devise a plan against you; surely the Shaitan is an open enemy to man.

  4. This is that he might know that I have not been unfaithful to him in secret and that Allah does not guide the device of the unfaithful.

  5. And cast down what is in your right hand; it shall devour what they have wrought; they have wrought only the plan of a magician, and the magician shall not be successful wheresoever he may come from.

  6. And they desired a war on him, but We made them the greatest losers.

  7. And they desired a war against him, but We brought them low.

  8. So when he brought to them the truth from Us, they said: Slay the sons of those who believe with him and keep their women alive; and the struggle of the unbelievers will only come to a state of perdition.

  9. The means of access to the heavens, then reach the god of Musa, and I surely think him to be a liar. And thus the evil of his deed was made fairseeming to Firon, and he was turned away from the way; and the struggle of Firon was not (to end) in aught but destruction.

  10. Or do they desire a war? But those who disbelieve shall be the vanquished ones in war.

  11. So if you have a plan, plan against Me (now).

  12. Surely they will make a scheme,

  13. And I (too) will make a scheme.