Appears 33 times in the Quran. (No Root)
  1. By no means! We write down what he says, and We will lengthen to him the length of the chastisement

  2. By no means! They shall soon deny their worshipping them, and they shall be adversaries to them.

  3. Haply I may do good in that which I have left. By no means! it is a (mere) word that he speaks; and before them is a barrier until the day they are raised.

  4. He said: By no means, so go you both with Our signs; surely We are with you, hearing;

  5. He said: By no means; surely my Lord is with me: He will show me a way out.

  6. Say: Show me those whom you have joined with Him as associates; by no means (can you do it). Nay! He is Allah, the Mighty, the Wise.

  7. By no means! Surely it is a flaming fire

  8. By no means! Surely We have created them of what they know.

  9. By no means! surely he offers opposition to Our communications.

  10. Nay; I swear by the moon,

  11. Nay! but they do not fear the hereafter.

  12. Nay! it is surely an admonition.

  13. By no means! there shall be no place of refuge!

  14. Nay! But you love the present life,

  15. Nay! When it comes up to the throat,

  16. Nay! they shall soon come to know

  17. Nay! Nay! they shall soon know.

  18. Nay! surely it is an admonishment.

  19. Nay; but he has not done what He bade him.

  20. Nay! but you give the lie to the judgment day,

  21. Nay! most surely the record of the wicked is in the Sijjin.

  22. Nay! rather, what they used to do has become like rust . upon their hearts.

  23. Nay! most surely they shall on that day be debarred from their Lord.

  24. Nay! Most surely the record of the righteous shall be in the Iliyin.

  25. Nay! but you do not honor the orphan,

  26. Nay! when the earth is made to crumble to pieces,

  27. Nay! man is most surely inordinate,

  28. Nay! if he desist not, We would certainly smite his forehead,

  29. Nay! obey him not, and make obeisance and draw nigh (to Allah).

  30. Nay! you shall soon know,

  31. Nay! Nay! you shall soon know.

  32. Nay! if you had known with a certain knowledge,

  33. Nay! he shall most certainly be hurled into the crushing disaster,