Appears 10 times in the Quran. (Root: غني)
  1. And most of them do not follow (anything) but conjecture; surely conjecture will not avail aught against the truth; surely Allah is cognizant of what they do.

  2. And when they had entered as their father had bidden them, it did not avail them aught against Allah, but (it was only) a desire in the soul of Yaqoub which he satisfied; and surely he was possessed of knowledge because We had given him knowledge, but most people do not know.

  3. When he said to his father; O my father! why do you worship what neither hears nor sees, nor does it avail you in the least:

  4. The day on which a friend shall not avail (his) friend aught, nor shall they be helped,

  5. Before them is hell, and there shall not avail them aught of what they earned, nor those whom they took for guardians besides Allah, and they shall have a grievous punishment.

  6. The day on which their struggle shall not avail them aught, nor shall they be helped.

  7. And they have no knowledge of it; they do not follow anything but conjecture, and surely conjecture does not avail against the truth at all.

  8. Neither having the coolness of the shade nor availing against the flame.

  9. Which will neither fatten nor avail against hunger.

  10. And his wealth will not avail him when he perishes.